Lavender & Lace: Celtic Spring Cross Stitch Progress

Hey everyone, welcome to February, hopefully we will start seeing some nice Spring greenery soon. Speaking of Spring, in my continuing attempts to avoid working on Elegance of the Orient, last post here, I have some progress to show on my Celtic Lady! I really do feel bad that Elegance has once again been passed over, however at least I didn’t start something new, that makes it ok, right?

I was looking for a project that had some nice areas of block colour and no back stitching that needed to be done immediately. I wasn’t really in the mood for a HAED project, even though Bridge of Wings has some large sections of just one colour. I wanted something that made me feel like I was making tangible progress and Celtic Spring fit that requirement perfectly.

Cross Stitch WIP Lavender & Lace Celtic Sping

I worked on the swirls of metallic stitching, using 1 strand of the treasure braid instead of 2. I started filling in some of the gaps left from my last session with this piece and worked my way down towards the bottom of the gown. I also got to stitch the shoe, which for some reason I really like. I think it’s that it really conveys she is in motion.

Cross Stitch WIP Lavender & Lace Celtic Spring Ladies

I also finished all the cross stitches in her bouquet and I love how it turned out. The yellow roses look so delicate. There is still some more beading to do under the flowers but I’m happy with the progress I made. I was very tempted to fill in her head piece but it’s mostly beading and I wasn’t in the mood for bead confetti so that will have to wait.

Cross Stitch WIP Lavender & Lace Celtic Spring Ladies

These pictures show the colour of the fabric I’m using quite accurately, which was an issue I was having with my other photos. It’s a very delicate pink colour and the evenweave is so soft and comfortable to work with. I even find that the metallics don’t shred that much with this fabric, making them much easier to use.

When I manage to get around to this project, it stitches up quite quickly. Hopefully when I start the other season ladies, I won’t leave them wallow unfinished for so long.

Well that’s my cross stitch project post for this week, hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to follow me on the various social media. I pop up a sneak peep of what my post will be about on Twitter and Instagram on Fridays, so check that out to get an early clue of what’s coming up.

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