Dimensions Gold – Elegance of the Orient, Nearly There!

Hey everyone, well it’s Sunday so that means it’s WIP update time! I have been feeling so guilty about Elegance of the Orient not getting enough attention that I started trying to do little bits on my lunch break at work. It actually has worked pretty well and I managed to get two more sections done.

Dimensions Gold Elegance of the Orient Cross STitch WIP Work in Progress
Replaced the originally full length image because shadows on the left of the image were annoying me.

I stitched the branch and blossoms above her hand on the right, the two falling petals under the main tree branch, and back stitching in her hair. I found the hair a little tricky to do, as the backstitching for the head on the chart is separate from the cross stitching. They have recreated the head in grey squares to chart the outline detail. Unfortunately that made it difficult to figure out where the back stitching was placed as it shows all the cross stitches as grey. Luckily is wasn’t a very big section so it just required careful counting.

Dimensions Gold Elegance of the Orient Cross Sticth WIP Work in Progress

I am planning on doing the gold metallic back stitching in the under skirt and finishing the last branch and blossoms next. Once those are complete it’s only speciality stitches left.  I will be really happy to be done with the blossom and back stitching on this project. They have been the most difficult aspects of this piece. In the future I will have to remember to take note of the various types of stitching that are in a project before I decide to buy it.

Working on this in little bursts has worked well, so I am planning to continue that, hopefully I will manage to get a finish on this very soon.




14 thoughts on “Dimensions Gold – Elegance of the Orient, Nearly There!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I can see the end in sight thankfully. When I finished the detail in the hair I was surprised by how little there is left. Hopefully I can stick with it now and get it done.

  1. Oh I always love when you update on this one. Everytime I see it, I think it’s so beautiful and then when you post another update, I think that it’s getting even prettier and I am confident that the metallic backstitching will look great =)

  2. Wow the colours in this wip are stunning. I love how the dress blends down the bottom. It’s a great idea to work a bit at a time. You’ll have a finish on your hands very shortly.

    Beautiful stitching.
    xo Alicia

  3. I love seeing your updates on this design, but I also feel so guilty that mine is languishing as an unloved UFO at the bottom of my stitching basket. The gold metallic stitching will be fabulous….can’t wait to see more of her 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you like the close up images. I always love seeing close ups.

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