HAED Bridge of Wings – some stitches down, a whole lot to go

Bridge of Wings, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and charted by Heaven & Earth Designs, has been sitting idle for a while now, even though I have been ridiculously close to, not only a page finish, but completion of the top row! Being in the mood for some block stitching but also not wanting to add another WIP to the pile, I picked this one up for a few days. It didn’t take too long to stitch the last of page 5, finish the top row and reach the right side of the pattern! Woohoo!

HAED Bridge of Wings SPML Heaven and Earth Designs Cross StitchIn the Cross Stitch Zone

I was so ‘in the zone’ with this that I moved down to the next partial page on the row underneath. This one has lots of block stitching as well, making it a nice break from the confetti sections. I progressed quite well on it and I may even have another finish in sight. These partial pages are great for making it feel like you’re making progress, but not taking forever to complete. I tend to enjoy creating sections to fill in, as it seems less daunting to me than a  huge blank space. Once page 10 is done I will have a nice area between it and page 7 to fill.

Parallel Parking Problems

I haven’t been using the parking method much for these pages, as I’ve discovered that when using only a few colours very obvious parallel lines form between the columns of stitching. This isn’t as big an issue when there are lots of colour changes, but it definitely occurs with block colour, you can see this in the pictures. So I have just done cross country, working sections of a particular colour then moving onto the next. HAED Bridge of Wings SPML Heaven and Earth Designs Cross Stitch

Will You Ever Be Done?

Bridge of Wings has been a WIP for quite a long time now and there is still a fair amount of stitching to be done. I have about 10 pages of 25 completed, though some of those are partial. It is one of the earliest Heaven & Earth Design charts I bought, in the days before I had patterns in triple digits.

I’m stitching on 25ct DMC Magic Guide fabric using DMC threads 2 over 1, continental tent stitch. It is unusual for me to use 25ct with HAED charts, as I tend to go for 28ct for better coverage. This project was started before I really had the knowledge or confidence to grid fabric myself and I couldn’t get Magic Guide in 28ct so I settled for 25ct. Thankfully the coverage is still really good, probably due to so much of it being light colours, sections with dark colours are confetti heavy and the large number of thread changes tends to prevent gaps.

I still love this chart, even though it is taking me so long to complete. I’m a big fan of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s artwork and have a number of her charts in my stash, waiting patiently to be stitched some day. The detail in Bridge of Wings is amazing, even though it uses less colours than many other HAED charts. That partial page will need to be finished soon, so I can add it to the collection of completed pages.

What project is it taking you longer than you thought to complete? Let me know in the comments so I can feel like I’m not the only one. Don’t forget to click those social media links in the top right of the page for more up to date project progress.

15 thoughts on “HAED Bridge of Wings – some stitches down, a whole lot to go

  1. Oh I love to see this one again, it has always been a favorite one of mine =) The colors are so pretty and all the confetti is worth the trouble =)
    I know about the grid line problem, I have them in my oldest WIP Kreimhilds Revenge, where the sky is mostly blocks of color. I am not zig-zaging my columns and it helps a lot, but it doesn’t help with the existing lines 😉 But I learned to live with them, we all get wiser, right? Kreimhild is also my project that takes way longer to finish than I thought, my current pace is about 6 full (large) pages per year – so it would still take about 5 more years to finish this… and I started this in 2011! I really hope that I will speed up as I get closer to finishing this.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Wow 6 full pages a year is a really good pace. Wish I was doing that on Bridge it would be finished in no time! I am hoping that the lines will fade a bit once this piece has been washed and ironed when it’s done. Though as you say, we continue to learn which is always great too. Only get better by making mistakes and adjusting for them. Thanks for sharing your story about Kreimhild.

  2. Hmm, there are so many full coverage projects that are taking forever! I think I have 4 or so HAEDs that are in WIP/UFO status currently. I’m working on finishing some of the medium projects that have been hanging around for a while this year, and if I can finish some off, hopefully next year can be more of a BAP year. 🙂

    Great progress on this one! It is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I have a few medium sized projects I really should finish, namely Celtic Spring. It’s so close to the finish now but I just can’t seem to get in the mood to work on those beaded motifs! Looking forward to seeing your progress on your medium projects.

  3. Great progress, I have a few Wips but the one that comes to mind would be my mini pirate wip, I started her in 2012 and hope to finish her this year. Mind you I did not work on her months at a time. It’s all about the journey that’s what I say anyway. Happy stitching!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m not sure when I started this one, 2011 maybe. I often don’t work on this piece for months at a time either. Also since I posted this update I may or may not have started something new, shhhh don’t tell anyone. Best of luck with finished Mini Pirate!

  4. Good to see this HAED see daylight again, especially as you’re really in the zone for stitching it. Let’s hope that continues for a little while longer and that you can make some more fabulous progress.
    I’ve got a number of HAEDs on the go, from when I picked up stitching again back in 2012 after a 7 year break and went on an HAED starting spree. I’m not sure if any of them will get finished, but never say never! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I too took a long break from stitching, probably 8-9 years. When I first discovered HAED I fell in love with so many of the charts and I bought a large number of them. I had to stop eventually as I had so many but I still look on the website and add some to my WL every now & then.

  5. Lovely to see this one again, it’s gorgeous. I have a Gecko Rouge kit that I started about 4 years agonand have barely touched since, I really love it but maybe it’s time to let it go?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Do you think you won’t go back to the Gecko Rouge piece? It would be a shame to let it go if you still like it and enjoy stitching it.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I felt great to work on this project again and it get that partial page finished was awesome.

  6. Ooo, it’s nice to see this one out again, especially with so much progress! I think the time involved is one reason I’ll probably never get around to doing a HaED. They’re really amazing and would be a fabulous accomplishment but errrrgh haha. The “being in the zone” would help a lot! My projects don’t tend to be huge so any taking a long time is due to my laziness. \:D/

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I can get super lazy about my projects as well. I can’t seem to get up the energy to finish off Celtic Spring, those bead motifs are putting me off big time. I love working on HAED charts but they do take such a long time, even the small ones. I would never do the supersized ones as I would NEVER finish them.

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